PGA Tour Radio, Media Talking about Pacific Gales

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Pacific Gales golf landscape and ocean bluff grasses with view north toward Cape Blanco point — photo by Brian Oar

The Pacific Gales Founders Club is hitting full stride, and the golf media is taking notice. Architect Dave Esler hit the satellite radio airwaves recently to discuss the project, golf architecture and more on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio’s “Mark Carnevale Show” (listen above).

“It’s just spectacular. And so Jim (Haley) and I looked at each other and said, ‘Let’s stop waiting for someone else to do this for us and let’s just do it ourselves,’” Esler told Carnevale about the decision to move forward with a “built from the ground up” mentality that has manifested itself in the Founders Club. “And that spirit has kind of endeared us to the folks in town and the folks in Oregon.”

The Pacific Gales spirit can also be seen over at, where veteran golf-travel writer Vic Williams has penned a memorable piece based on his site visit to Knapp Ranch (when he also snuck in a few swings from the would-be 18th tee).

“I know, it’s just a golf course. But it’s so much more than that,” Williams writes. “Not only will Pacific Gales help nudge the region toward full-fledged ‘golf destination’ status, a fact even the folks at Bandon a half hour’s drive north up Highway 101 recognize and welcome, but it will do so in the best possible way. Under the guidance of a core group of developers, builders and greenkeepers, 385 acres of the sprawling Knapp Ranch will be elevated to a higher plane of environmental excellence, contrary to some naysayers’ unfounded objections. … It will bring jobs. It will bring pride. It will belong. It must be built. That’s my gut view and I’ll defend it to anyone who asks.”