Pacific Gales Vested Permit Part of Latest Land-Use Decision

The recent decision by the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals was very favorable and concluded that Pacific Gales’ rights were vested as it pertains to the Conditional Use Permit to build the 18-Hole Golf Course, Clubhouse and Maintenance Building. As the team now works on the final phases of financing for the project, Managing Partner Jim Haley was quick to acknowledge the support from Port Orford, Curry County and the State of Oregon. “I really want to thank everyone, from the area residents who have shown up on our behalf at the many city, county and state meetings, to the local, county and state representatives who have helped us move closer and closer to bringing this world-class project to the Oregon Coast.” The Pacific Gales team has received widespread interest in helping finance the golf development, and they have also re-opened the Founders Club with a final deadline of January 4, 2019 for individuals and corporations who are interested in early access and a lifetime of golf on this one-of-a-kind oceanfront property with views of the Pacific, Elk River Valley and Cape Blanco Lighthouse. On the current timeline, Pacific Gales is working toward a Grand Opening in 2020.